DIY yourself e cig mods

Thats right everyday people are coming up with new ways to mod their e cig, you can even buy kits now.  But why pay for something you can do yourself, there is so much free information and stuff on youtube you can see jsut how easy it is.

Lets start with the most easy basic e cig mod. You can find DIY instructions everywhere with photos so lets jsut review.  If anyone knows a better method or somthing that works better let please share.

Most e cigarette cartomizers are the similar, battery and nicotine cartridge  get some pliers, a paper clip and some herb.

Take the paper clip and stick in the little hole on the end you inahle from,, and pop it off.  So if you stick the paper clip in too far you you cant get the top off so put the clip in shallow and it will pop right off. Pop the cap off then pull the rubber doughnut out that is underneath.

Next use the pliers to pull out the stuffing, look inside and you will see it.  start puffing the e cig till you stop seeing smoke.  This burns out the remaining nicotine liquid that is inside.  Stuff a little green down in there, re assemble and voila!! Portable DIY e cig for your herb.

Welcome to Ecig DIY Mods

Hi guys.  Hope you like our new home.  This is a strictly do it yourself style sites.  We like to get people to work with each other and offer their mods so that we can all share each other’s ideas.

I am planning to get things structured in the days to come so that you can post your mods and we can all talk about it. So stay tune!